BTC horse race betting

Bitcoin Horse Race Betting Guide

Horse Racing – the Sport of Kings

Not many sports disciplines are as fascinating and beautiful as horse racing. This sport always was a privilege of dukes and kings. Today equestrian performances still are a symbol of aristocracy and wealth. Horse racing in different movies is romanticized a lot. However, from behind the scenes, it is tough work and hard sportsmen’s efforts.

A classic horse race includes different types of competitions. Typically, there are two or more jockeys riding horses who are reaching a finishing line to be the first. Some types of horse racing do not include a jockey. Horse race betting nowadays is a popular option enabled on many gambling platforms, including bitcoin games casino. Let us discover why this type of betting becomes more and more popular and what the benefits of Bitcoin gambling are.

Bitcoin Gambling – New Type of Entertainment

Bitcoin gambling is one of the best types of online gaming that has an army of suitors despite the fact it is quite a new type of casino activity. There are a few benefits of Bitcoin betting such as:

  1. A decentralized financial control system allows providing secure payments avoiding any restrictions.
  2. Bitcoin gambling can be anonymous.
  3. Bitcoin transactions are very safe and much faster compared to other payment methods.

BTC Online Casino Games vs Horse Racing

Despite the reasonable fact horse racing is an activity that is more popular among the older generation, nowadays online casinos frequently offer horse betting with cryptocurrency. That is evidence that Bitcoin horse racing betting becomes more and more popular gambling direction offering a great alternative to common casino games.

Online casino games are mostly slots and table games. The most popular BTC online casino table games are blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette. A lot of table games online are played using cards in live casino mode when you have the ability to play with a real dealer online.

The main difference between horse racing betting and playing table casino games is different odds counting and bet types (win, show, exacta, show, quinella, and others).

Horse race odds types can be:

  • Fixed. The most popular odds type for sports betting. The racebook displays the odds for a particular bet. If you choose that bet, it fixes. The odds can change but your bet will stay the same.
  • Mutual. All bets are collecting into the one pool. All winning bets are paid form that pulls and the amount of money depends on the number of winning bets.
  • Starting. The odds are fixed at the beginning of the race.


Are you interested in horse race betting with Bitcoin? All you need to do is to choose the best Bitcoin games casino. To be sure, the gambling platform is trustworthy. Pay attention to such criteria as customers’ reviews, the number of years in the industry, support management, software developers list, and licenses.

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