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Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and exciting sports. They attract fans with their unpredictable plot and lightning-fast results. Everything is developing so fast that it is simply breathtaking. Viewers receive an amazing rush of adrenaline and positive emotions, not to mention those who have placed bets.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing takes its history back in Ancient Egypt in the 3rd century BC. It all started with chariots, but gradually came to horse racing. Horse racing gained real popularity in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, and even then spectators could put their jewelry and money on the horses. Time moved forward, and since 1789 horse racing has acquired professional status. The most ancient hippodromes that have survived to this day date back to this very year.

In the former Soviet Union, horse racing has historically not been very popular. Only now are the first rich enthusiasts appearing who are ready to promote this sport to the general public. Well, the Internet speaks its weighty word, because horse racing bets are now available to everyone, and it is not at all necessary to go to the racetrack for this.

Horse racing competitions are held almost daily, but major events, of course, are much less frequent. Bookmaker Pari-Match offers to take part in horse racing bets on the best events of this kind. But first, it’s worth understanding the types of rates.

Winning bet. To win, you should choose the horse that will cover the entire distance before the others.

“Place” bet. It is necessary to choose the horses that will take the first and second places.

Show bet. The selected horse must take one of the first three places.

“Double”. In this bet, you must select the two horses that will come first in two races.

“Double take”. In this bet, you must select the horses to win four races.

The quiniela bet. It is identical to the “place” bet, but there is no need to indicate the exact finishing positions.

“Battery”. First, you need to bet on the winner in each selected race. And then the bet is considered tricky. If the bet on the first race is played, the winning amount is automatically transferred to the bet on the next race, and so on until the first defeat or complete victory.

Betting on horse racing has been very popular since ancient times, and until now this popularity has not faded away, but only increases every year. Horse racing is by far the most driving sport for betting.

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